Gunter Marx Stock Photos

About Gunter Marx Stock Photos

Gunter Marx is a professional independent photographer specializing in travel, landscapes, environments, totem poles, and nature photography in the Pacific Northwest of North America, particularly in British Columbia, Canada and the Canadian Rockies.

He has been photographing in the stock photo industry since 1983, resulting in a growing selection of over 140,000 high quality edited photos in our stock photo library, Gunter Marx Stock Photos.  Images are available in 35mm, 60mm, and 6x17 panoramic format.

Over the years, Gunter has won numerous awards for his outstanding photographs in international exhibitions, including PSA (Photographic Society of America).

Feature publications of Gunter's images include:
  • Award winning book, "The Forests of British Columbia" - photo assignment.
  • "The First 100 Years" (Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation) - photo assignment.
  • "The Expo Celebration Book, The Official Retrospective Book" - photo assignment.
  • Travel book, "Canada Coast to Coast" (Reader's Digest) - photo assignment for British Columbia, Yukon, and Alberta.
  • Travel guide, "Pacific Northwest" (Dorling Kindersley) - photo assignment for British Columbia and Washington State.
  • Three travel guides, "Beautiful British Columbia" (British Columbia Magazine - 1994, 1997, and 1999).
  • Beautiful British Columbia Distinguished Photographers calendars.
  • National and international magazines, books, and calendars, including National Geographic, GEO, Harrowsmith, and Reader's Digest.
  • Telephone book covers (Telus).
  • Numerous publications with advertising agencies, book publishers, corporations, international clients, national and provincial governments, tourism and travel industries.